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“The distortions became clearer as time passed, like a neural network finding its minima - they would soon be impossible to tell from what we knew as real.“

The Witness

Production Blog #5 - Writer's Block
I am all-too-familiar with writer's block - the great grey wall keeping you out of inspiration-land. Here's some of the tools and techniques I reach for when I'm feeling uninspired, or just want to try something different.Try Writing With Different I...
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Production Blog #4 - Synths
ADSRs Will Be Your Best FriendThis is one of the most fundamental aspects of synthesis, yet often overlooked by novice sound-designers. ADSR (Envelope) stands for Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release - the main parameters for controlling how a sound chang...
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Production Blog #3 - Bass Guitar
Multiband ProcessingUsing (ideally) Linkwitz-Riley filters to split the bass DI into multiple signals is a great way to add more control and precision. I usually have a low band (~150Hz), a mid band (150-2kHz) and a high band (2kHz+) and process ...
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Production Blog #2 - Mixing Vocals
Poorly mixed vocals are one of the first things listeners will notice. You can get away with quite a bit when it comes to mixing, but overly dynamic, boxy vocals will stick out like a sore thumb.Compress, Compress AgainVocals are one of the most dyna...
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Production Blog #1 - Heavy Guitars
Gain & Note ClarityTypically a new producer will watch a tutorial in recording guitars, copy the settings from the video and wonder why their tracks sound like shit.The reason is a general lack of understanding of signal flow and the differences ...
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