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Songbird - Toy Kalimba

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Toy Kalimba

Songbird is a deeply sampled toy Kalimba I bought a few months ago. It has multiple velocity layers and four round-robins for a simple, yet expressive sound.

Broad Strokes:


  • G2-E5 Keyrange
  • Multi-Velocity Samples
  • Four round-robin variations.
  • Built-in FX Suite & ADSR
  • Automatable Interface


  • Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8 or higher.
  • Does not work in the Free Kontakt Player.


  • Kontakt 5.8 or higher (full)
  • All major DAWs supported
  • 8GB RAM minimum
  • 36MB download size

Listen to Songbird

Free to Fly

Free doesn't mean cheap. Songbird underwent the same strict sampling process I use for all of my instruments, including multiple round-robins and velocity layers.

"A digital lyre bird performing the symphony of its own vibrant forest."

The Witness

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