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Achromic - Aggressive Rhythm Guitars

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Of Single Mind

A guitar library built for the sole purpose of writing aggressive music, Achromic specifically targets key issues often found in guitar libraries like weak-picking and complicated keyswitch-based writing. It is the answer when you just need rhythm guitars fast, and sounding great.

Created with an Agile 7-string and utilizing a non-repeating round-robin engine, Achromic is one of my most popular libraries for good reason.

Prepare to unleash your newfound musical aggression.

Broad Strokes:


  • F1-D6 Playable Range
  • Non-Repeating Round Robin
  • No Weak Picking
  • Simple Writing
  • Fret Noise & Release Samples
  • Force Downpick Option
  • Various FX Keys
  • Direct Signal (DI) Only


  • Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8 or higher.
  • Does not work in the Free Kontakt Player.


  • Kontakt 5.8 or higher (full)
  • All major DAWs supported
  • 8GB RAM minimum
  • 485MB download size
  • 1GB uncompressed

Listen to Achromic

Your Tone, Your Rules

Achromic outputs a direct (DI) signal, allowing you to sculpt the sound with your own preferred amp & cab software.

Behind The Veil

Achromic is simple to write with - it uses no complex keyswitches or pattern-based samples.

Beneath the surface lies a complex non-repeating round-robin algorithm designed to maximize the realism and playability of the instrument.

Deeply Sampled

Additionally recorded pick-attack samples help the transients cut through, even with heavy distortion.

Fret-noise triggers randomly, and there are multiple FX keys to cover all sorts of noises like pick scrapes and harmonics.

"Rage can be focussed, it can be directed... But it needs a lens."

The Witness

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